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Happy New Year! (and tags)

Journal Entry: Mon Dec 28, 2015, 8:50 PM

So, it's time once again for my quarterly journal thingy. I've been a bit distant from dA lately and I don't have much to say, except for hoping you had some very happy holidays and wish you a great 2016! 

My 2015 in dA was nothing like my very consistent 2014. Oddly enough, this year I made more deviations in a single month (with my daily sculpting thing in September) than I did in all of 2014, let alone the rest of 2015. I've put sculpting on hold again, to pursue something else. Unfortunately that is just about to fall through, so I imagine my 2016 will be more normal and active here at dA again.

So that's that, I suppose. My year was rather uneven and odd, so there's no "Year in art" video, summary or anything this year. I will try to make at least a single sculpture per month next year, hopefully more. Cya next year!

Update: I changed my mind, and also I found the way to c̶h̶e̶a̶t̶ fill out the 12 spaces, and I made a 2015 summary of art after all :P

Recently I was tagged by :icondomnics: so I thought I'd respond to that now.

1. What is one really good movie that you've seen recently? It doesn't have to be one that came out this year.
The one that I can think of right now is "Ex Machina". I still haven't seen "The Martian" or "Crimson Peak", and obviously the movies of the year for me were "Jurassic World" and "The Force Awakens", but those probably don't qualify as good, they're just big.

2. What is the worst Christmas gift you've ever been given? 
I think once I was given a chocolate bar... which I would have welcomed under different circumstances, but this one had raisins.

3. What is the worst Christmas gift you've ever given to someone else?
I'm terrible for xmas gifts, the whole year I see things that make me think of people I love and I get it for them, but when the actual birthdays and holidays come I generally have nothing, and I end up giving generic gifts, or some crap I make myself, if at all.

4. Do you have any memorable embarrassing moments?
I can't think of any particular one, but often happens that I say something inconvenient precisely when everybody else goes quiet, and my thing becomes perfectly audible and identifiable. That used to happen to a character in a comedy I grew up with, and it's ridiculous how often it happened to me, specially in school.

5. Have you ever had a really bad/funny/embarrassing picture taken of you? Please describe in great detail. Ahem.
I banned photography during my most awkward phase, so I'm safe there, lol. And I have a crippling sense of ridicule, so I try not to get myself into that kind of situation, though I probably do it every now and then.

6. What is a song that you are currently obsessed with? 
Hmmm, that changes permanently. I don't think I have any right now. But for several days I had a German electronic thing called "Sky and Sand" stuck in my head. "One day I'll fly away" too, the "Moulin Rouge" version.

7.  Have you ever had a supernatural experience or something that you just can't find any rational explanation for? 
Not really... unless I take seriously what felt like a couple out-of-body "experiences" I had, but I really don't. They were very similar and I always went in the same direction, almost to the same place. But I always woke up and out of it in a weird and almost painful way.

8. Who are your top five favorite characters and why?
That's a big question that could make me write an essay, but I'll try to keep it simple. In no specific order: the vampire Lestat from Anne Rice's "Vampire Chronicles", Hannibal Lecter from the Thomas Harris novels, Ellie Arroway from Carl Sagan's only novel "Contact", Gaston Leroux's "Phantom of the opera" in most of its incarnations... and I'm having trouble finding a fifth one that's worthy of the top 5 list... I'd like to say something fancy and cultured like Holden Caulfield or whatever, but I'll end up saying... either Raziel from the "Legacy of Kain" saga, or Jedi Master Quinlan Vos, probably the only two characters that I would like to cosplay as. And as for the reason why I chose these characters, I guess I identify with outcasts and misfits, though I'm nowhere near that interesting, and I'm certainly not a vampire, a cannibal, a radioastronomer, a deformed genius or a Jedi. I'm just a lonely weirdo.

How do you react when there's an awkward silence in a conversation? 
All over socially awkward as I am, I'm generally the one to blame for those, and if my interlocutor doesn't do something about it I probably won't either.

10. Do you have any weird things you do when no one is in the house? 
I'd say singing. Don't know if that's weird, but it's something I wouldn't get caught doing while accompanied, unless it's sotto voce. But when I'm alone I sing in full voice, and probably the neighbors hear it, but I don't care about that. I at least have the decency not to do that at ungodly hours, even though that's when I really feel like singing.

Update 2: I was also tagged by :icondimitrikjr: so here are my answers :P

1. How was your winter break? Got any cool gifts for Christmas?
It's summer here, and it was awfully hot in the last days of 2015, it's been rainy these first days of 2016, I'll welcome the rain if it brings lower temperatures. Cool gifts? Not really for xmas, generally I get chocolates or stuff for xmas. I did get some cool "The Force Awakens" stuff for New Years, for some reason :giggle:

2. What is your new year's resolution?
I didn't really make any this time, I generally fail or jinx myself when I do :P For once I really don't know what to expect out of this year. I feel like 2016 is some kind of an unpredictable beast and I'll try to tame it as it comes... And I think it might very well devour me too :O 

3. When you watch an animated movie, are the visuals important to you or do you care mostly about the plot?
I guess it's 50-50. I can't stand poorly written things, I can take something simple, I collaborate and suspend my disbelief and everything, but I can't stand it when they start pulling stuff out of nowhere or don't make the most of the plot points they have. Of course visuals are important, but not everything has to be eye-candy. Some really beautiful and compelling movies are either simple looking or downright "ugly" looking, and when that's an aesthetic choice, I respect it. I do appreciate movies that are everything they're trying to be. The funny thing is when a movie aims to be something, and it fails terribly at it.

4. Are you currently watching any animated shows? If so, which one(s)?
Hmmm... not really. I think the closest to a current animated thing I've been watching is some Marvel Knights stuff, which is basically animated more of a motion-comic kind of thing because I'd like to do something like that myself, since I can't do proper animation :P Oh, I did watch some "Star Wars - Rebels", but I guess I lost interest at some point and I barely saw anything of season two.

5. Who is your biggest influence/inspiration?
That's a tough one... I really have no simple answer, I come from so many different places and I do (or try to do) so many different things, I can't quite put my finger on a single thing or person influencing my "style", if I even have such a thing. Probably when it comes to fanart subjects, the one that inspires me the most to do a variety of things in all mediums is Sarah Brightman, though I've shared like 0.5% of that here on dA. I've been her fan since the mid-'90s and I've had several fansites themed after her and her releases. And I keep doing it, even when I share it with very few people nowadays.

6. Do you find inspiration for art from other stuff in life (such as food)?
From other things that aren't art at all...? I don't know... I guess just life itself. I haven't written anything in ages, but in my filmschool days I used to write short stories and short screenplays, and I was often inspired by real people and real places. I'd see someone or some place, or I'd over hear someone's conversation and that'd trigger something in me. I'd end up writing something completely different, but the inspiration generally came from a real thing. 

7. What is your favorite fairytale or folk story?
Hmmm... For some reason I used to love stories in which magical creatures interfered in human affairs without them knowing. I used to love that possibility, like the elves helping the shoemaker at night, that kind of thing. Generally I felt those simpler stories were more relatable, I felt like it could almost happen.

8. Do you have any guilty pleasure movies or shows?
I haven't been watching much tv lately. Probably I watch too much youtube, though. And that's the guiltiest thing I can think of with now :P

9. What usually helps you to stay motivated to create art?
Probably trying to stay active. My motivation tends to wane pretty soon, so if I can't stay motivated by what I'm doing, I'll try to do something else. I have to try for the machinery not to come to a full stop, or it'd be extra hard to get it started again.

10. Do you ever stay awake during nights to draw and do you feel more productive during night time?
I am ABSOLUTELY nocturnal. During the day I can do some research, or somehow set up what I'm going to do at night, but little else. Whatever I make was 99% made at night :P

Now I was also tagged by :icongrace-zed:

1.) Name: My nickname is the original latin version of my actual name, and my last name is the same as a revolutionary icon, that's all I'll say :P (Lick)
2.) Nicknames: I don't think I have any apart from Æmilius.
3.) Age: *mumble*-six :P (Lick) I'll be *mumble*-seven in May Giggle
4.) Birthday: May 10th.
5.) Health freak: Not even close. Cutting out gluten was the one healthy thing I've done lately, but only because I absolutely had to :P (Lick)
6.) Favorite color: Dunno if I have one, maybe dark red... burgundy?
7.) Gender: Male.
8.) Elementary school: It was ok in general, it only got infernal at the end :P (Lick)
9.) Middle school: We don't have actual middle school here. 
10.) High school: Absolutely infernal, I ended up going to three different high-schools in three different towns.
11.) College: I went to filmschool, it started all promising and it opened up my mind to a whole new world and started to shape me into what I always wanted to be... then it went sour and I dropped out.
12.) Tall or short: I'm relatively tall, I guess.
13.) Sweats or jeans: sweats around the house, jeans to go out.
14.) Girly girl or tomboy: Not sure how to answer to that, being a dude :P (Lick) I guess I'm not terribly macho but not a sissy either? XD
15.) Phone or camera: Camera
16.) Taken or single: Is forever alone an option?
17.) Talent: Err... none? XD
18.) Swag or emo: Neither.
19.) Gamer: Not so much anymore, sadly. 
20.) Best friends: I feel like I'm no longer in touch with anyone IRL. 
21.) Biggest fears: Just disappearing with nobody ever noticing...? Too real? :P (Lick)
22.) Hardest thing you had to do: I can't think of anything that's not too serious or personal right now.
23.) Have/had depression: Yes. Been depressive most of my life now... Too real, again.
24.) Got piercings: No.
25.) Got tattoos: No. 
26.) Long/medium/short hair: Long-ish, actually I haven't had a haircut in 20 years :P (Lick)
27.) Favorite food: I want to say pizza too, though mine has to be gluten-free now.
28.) Ever been on an airplane: No, I'm poor :P (Lick)
29.) Pants or dress/skirt: Pants, duh :P (Lick)
30.) Height: was like 1.73m last time I got measured, long ago. I don't know how much is that in feet.
31.) Weight: I don't even want to know anymore :P (Lick) 
32.) Married: Pass.
33.) Have kids: No!
34.) Worst day of your life: Again, I can't think of anything that's not too serious or too personal.
35.) Hair color: It's dark brown when you see it in the sunlight, though it might seem black.
36.) Skin Color: Brown... ish?
37.) Eye color: Brown.
38.) Race: Latino, I guess. Though some people say that's not an actual race.
39.) Glasses or no glasses: No glasses.
40.) Orange or apple: Apple. I don't like oranges, only orange juice I guess.

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ThreshTheSky Featured By Owner May 4, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
What did you think of Ex Machina?
AEmiliusLives Featured By Owner May 5, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
Funny that you bring up "Ex Machina" now :O I first saw it like last August, but I've just rediscovered it since I wrote that New Year's journal, and I'm absolutely obsessed with it right now :XD: 

I think the movie's not perfect, and as soon as I watched it I found what could be some serious plot-holes, but the kind you can kinda overlook and still enjoy a hell of a ride. I've been watching/reading everything I've been able to find about it and, after hearing Domhnall Gleeson say Alex Garland moved a couple of scenes out of sequence in the final edit, I even wanted to read the actual screenplay. Which I finally did, only a week or two ago, and got a more integral view of the whole thing.

I'm so obsessed I even went back and watched other stuff written by Alex Garland that kept coming up on interviews about 
"Ex Machina". Also I even looked up and saw Domhnall's "Black Mirror" episode, in which he plays an A.I. himself, opposite Hayley Atwell. I even have plans to try to 3D-sculpt Ava myself, we'll see how that goes.

All that didn't really answer your question, did it? I could write a damn essay, but I won't or I'll make you curse the moment you asked, if you haven't already :XD: How did you like it?
DimitriKJr Featured By Owner Jan 8, 2016  Student General Artist
Hehe thanks for answering these again! I had a fun time reading your answers! Nice to see another nocturnal! :lol:
AEmiliusLives Featured By Owner Jan 9, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
You're welcome, it was fun :thumbsup:
zraclooc Featured By Owner Dec 29, 2015
Happy New Year 2011 
AEmiliusLives Featured By Owner Dec 31, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
Happy new year to you too! :hug:
zraclooc Featured By Owner Jan 1, 2016
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