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Film school dropout, lousy and selftaught web/graphic designer, worse at 3D modeling and animation, pedestrian photographer, dabbling n00b, poor shower singer, nose picker :P

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I've been wanting to write this journal since September ended, but time passed, procrastination happened, and I wasn't too sure there was a point to keep spamming with this anyway. But well, I guess it was always part of the initial plan to write a sort of aftermath journal, so here it is.

Video compiling all 30 renders and turntable animations

As some of you may know, after a long sculpting hiatus that went from late March to mid August, on September 2015 I set out to 3D-sculpt a different character every day. I called it S.E.D.S. (Sculpt Every Day in September). All the pieces were made in Sculptris and Zbrush, rendered in Keyshot and finished in Photoshop.

I've been wanting to do something like this for a long time. I almost did it every past April, for each anniversary of my joining deviantArt. But it was never really possible, I was either busy or demotivated, as I often am. But then this August I shyly returned to sculpting and started posting a few WIPs, and then September came with me posting a couple WIPs in a row, so I decided I'd keep doing it all month and finally do a whole month of daily sculpts.

So that's what it was going to be like in the beginning: mostly unfinished sculpts, glorified WIPs, generally busts, and I was going to stick to what I knew. But that got old almost immediately, and I started doing some full body sculpts, to give them a better finishing, to make my interactive turntable animations for each one, and to use Zbrush tools and techniques I knew close to nothing about. Very often I'd watch tutorials and teach myself how to do something on the same day I had to apply it, risking failing and missing the daily deadline. Many times I started characters I got stuck with and had to abandon them and move on to something simpler or something that suddenly made sense to me. I had a list of ideas for characters for the whole month, but in the end I did whatever I felt like doing and worked out each day. Initially I sculpted characters based on how appealing it was for me to sculpt them and little else, of course they all belonged to something I either love or grew up with, then towards the end I had this instinct of having my dearest IPs and fandoms represented, but some had to be left out. What made me the happiest was to be able to wrap up S.E.D.S. with a Sarah Brightman sculpture. I had spent several years trying to make an actual 3D Sarah, but I was never too happy with the results so I only shared parts of that with very few people. So I'm glad I could finally make and publish a 3D-SB. And there will be more! I'm also happy I finally got my foot in the door to making fanart based on many franchises and properties I always wanted to tackle.

I decided this project should be 100% fanart because it'd be easier to base my daily sculptures on already existing and recognizable designs. First, so I wouldn't have to also design something on the fly everyday, and second so there would be a frame of reference to compare and see whether I made a decent job or not. Probably, if I do this again, I will make it all about my original creature/monster/alien designs for a change. Which I might sketch out and collect in previous months, so I won't have to struggle with 100% of the design issue every day, though I'd like to leave some slots empty for 'improvisation' as well. We'll see. This time I tried to keep it as diverse as I could, next time probably there will be a stricter theme.

I didn't feel there was this lack of involvement and participation in dA other deviants talked about, until I did this. I never had more ever-pending or downright expired group submissions. So I stopped trying, maybe now in October I'll resume that, and try to submit some of the best pieces to some groups again. I wasn't expecting any special attention anyway, and I can't really complain. I initially even thought my watchers might find it annoying to have 1000% more stuff from me than usual, but most everybody's been very supportive, and some new watchers were also very interested in what I was doing. And that continues to be priceless.

I honestly didn't think I'd make it when I began. I thought I'd miss a couple days or more, and I was willing to still consider it a success if I did. So I can't believe I made it all the 30 days of September, it's almost unlike me. I'm rarely able to stick to my own projects and carry them out to completion. I jump from one thing to another and I literally have things that have been in the works, on and off, for many years. Now September is well over, I'm back to my usual demotivated self. There's at least three sculptures I want to do in October, but I'm already behind my schedule. My Disney Villains series just might make a Halloween comeback, and other ghoulish things should come this month too.

With S.E.D.S. being complete, I guess the one advice I can give is: give it a try! Challenge yourself to make something, a piece of whatever it is you do, in whatever medium, every day of a month, it is an amazing test on many levels. Coming up with an idea everyday, researching it, executing it, experimenting, trying out and learning new things, all of that enters the experience and you'll end up doing things you weren't able or motivated to do when you didn't have a deadline and a workflow this hectic. That sure was my experience. When I set out to do this, I looked for what precedents there were, and I didn't really find any. Oddly enough, I got told some other people were simultaneously doing something they called Sculptember for the first time this year. Some people are doing Inktober now too. It really is a great experience, you should give it a try. Thank you for the support and for checking out this and all my S.E.D.S. things. 

S.E.D.S. 2015 by aemiliuslives

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S.E.D.S. 2015 gallery by aemiliuslives


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